Fabric sale

When completing customer orders there is sometimes excess material from the roll.  This is all new material which is available to purchase, usually at prices below those found in a shop.  The amount available does vary so please contact me to check there is sufficient material for your needs.    

Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to buy directly from the website but all sales can be arranged over the phone or via email.  Please scroll down to view the gallery of photos.   Care has been taken to provide accurate images, but there may be slight differences due to device resolution settings.  If you are in doubt we can provide a sample for £1 to cover postage.

Please note:  all prices shown are per metre.   If you would like to discuss anything further please use the Contact Page on this site or phone me on 07730450688.

curtain & upholstery material

Dark Silver/Grey Crushed Velvet
Beige /Brown/Silver Floral Design £6
Lilac With Embossed Pattern
Ocean Blue Velvet £4
Mustard Yellow Linen

dressmaking material

Purple Silky Satin £3
White Silky Satin £2
Peach Duchess Satin £4
Baby Pink Silky Satin £2
Baby Blue Nylon Lining £2
Baby Blue Duchess Satin £5
Aqua (Turquoise) Silky Satin £2
Aqua (Blue) Silky Satin £2
Peach Watermark Taffeta £3
Black & White Patterned £6
Red Silky Satin £2
Cerise Silky Satin £2
Burgundy Silky Satin £2
Ivory Crepe Back Satin £4