ray's turning

I have always had an interest in turning, having done a considerable amount during my engineering apprenticeship back in the 1960’s.  In recent years I started turning table lamps and this led on to bowls, clocks and, eventually, to pen making.

Every item I produce is individually turned on the lathe and hand finished.  I take pride in the pieces I produce so you can be sure anything I make is completed to a high standard.  Most of the pen designs can be produced in any of the colours you can see, in both wood and acrylic.

I have included some photos of my work below.

I hope you enjoy browsing this website, if there is anything you like or want to discuss please get in touch via the Contact Page or phone me on 07764635678


Clocks can be made from various types of wood depending on whether you require a light or dark look. Clock hands can be in gold or black in various styles and numbers are in roman or arabic. The timing mechanism is operated by one AA battery.

Photo Clock (25cm)

These clocks can be produced from any number of wood types.

Close-up of Photo Clock

The photo is set into a small recess and covered in a hard-wearing clear resin which protects the photo

Standard Clock (25cm)
Standard Clock (20cm)


Pens can be made in a vast range and combination of colours and are made from the more traditional wood or contemporary acrylic resin. They can be produced as ball pens, fountain pens or rollerballs and in some styles pencils. They can be finished with gold or chrome fittings. All pens come, of course, with a high quality finish.

Photo Pens

The top half has your 'suitable' photo of choice attached to a central tube. The photo is then placed in a clear resin mould and then hand finished to a smooth polished look.

Photo Pen Close-up

Produced in a range of styles and colours of acrylic or wood and available in gold or chrome fittings.

Fountain Pen & Rollerball Set
Pen Set in Wood
Ball Pen With Feature Clip

A limited range of clips are available, such as treble clef, fishing, golf and breast cancer awareness

Round Top Twist Ball Pen

A standard style of ball pen with gold or chrome fittings.

Twin Pen Set Presentation Box

These quality presentation boxes are covered in black velvet and gold trim to make that gift extra special .

Single Pen Presentation Box

The same as the twin set box but slightly smaller to accommodate a single pen.


Bowls can be produced in a range of types of wood depending on your requirements. The largest bowl I make is around 30cm diameter with a height of usually around 7 - 10cm. They are made to order and the prices shown are a guide as it is dependant on the type of wood selected. Below are some examples of bowls I have produced .

Zebrano Fruit Bowl

Produced from the African Zebrano wood, so called because of the striking grain giving it the stripe zebra pattern. It is approx. 28cm diameter.

Two Tone Ash and Sapele Bowl

Produced by joining Ash and Sapele wood together to give an interesting two tone look.
It is approx. 25cm diameter.

Sapele Bowl

Produced from African Sapele wood which has a reddish brown coloured grain. It is approx. 20cm diameter

Small Sweet Bowl

Produced from a piece of spalted beech which gives it a very attractive grain. It is approx 15cm diameter.

Miscellaneous Items

The following items do not really come under a specific heading so have been placed in this miscellaneous section.

Perfume Atomiser

These handy pocket size atomisers make a really great present for that special lady. They can be produced in wood or a multi-coloured polyester.

Perfume Atomiser

The tube is removed and the plastic filler is used to draw up from your favourite perfume and squeezed into the tube. Each atomiser comes in its own soft velvet pouch.

Hidden Compartment Keyring

The top unscews from the keyring to reveal a 'hidden' compartment which can be used to store small items.

Standard Keyring

A good quality keyring with a fancy holder in a full range of colours (wood or acrylic).

Wooden Personalised Jigsaw

This wooden jigsaw is made complete with a frame and duplicate photo on base to assist completion. It is 34cm x 25cm (A4 size) and the pieces are 9mm thick.

Wooden Personalised Jigsaw

This example is made from 12 pieces but can be made from a greater number if required. Ideal for a young child and makes a lovely keepsake.

Magifying Glass

High quality magnifying glass with gold coloured rim and a turned wood handle. The glass is approx. 5cm diameter.

Letter Opener

These make a smart addition to any desk as well as being very functional. In gold or chrome with a turned wood handle.

Letter Holder

A simple 'paperclip' type letter holder that would go nicely with the letter opener as a combined gift.

Candle Holder / Flower Stand

Just a couple of small items I was asked to make for a customer. If you have any specific requirements please contact me.

Candle Holders

A pair of candle sticks around 20cm high. These were made from a piece of wood that had a two-tone (light and dark) finish with a superb grain in the darker element.

Candle Holders

One from a pair of candle sticks around 16cm high. These were made from a piece of oak.